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When will it be necessary to rewire my house?

It is feasible to assume that if a property has not been rewired within the last 25-30 years that in order to conform to current standards at least part or potentially all of the wiring will need upgrading. This is due to the changes in living with modern living having much more demand upon the electrical systems within a property and therefore leading the older wiring to be potentially dangerous.

Do I need to rewire if I am carrying out building work?

It is considered necessary to rewire part or potentially all wiring within a property when carrying at any material alteration as defined by the Building Regulations along with the consumer unit.

When carrying out any extension to your home, be it converting an attic space or garage to a liveable area, or extending a property outwards, all new wiring will need to conform to Electrical Safety Standards and any existing wiring will need to be checked and replaced accordingly to ensure it can meet the new additional demands placed upon it. It may be necessary to also upgrade the consumer unit to ensure it can meet demands.

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How can I tell if my house has had a rewire?

This can be done by yourself or by calling one of our team who will be happy to come and inspect the property. Should you want to do this yourself it can be done so by looking at the consumer unit (fuse box) and any exposed parts of wiring. Older consumer units tend to have a more old fashioned look with the internal fuses being big and ceramic looking. In this instance the consumer unit and wiring with be potentially dangerous need replacing. It is also worthwhile looking at the switches and sockets within a property. If they are a mixture of different sockets and switches, this may indicate a partial rewire has occurred and most likely the remaining older wiring will need to be rewired in the near future. Some properties can be a little misleading, especially in the instance of two or more circuits as it will be difficult to know if they are all running live or if any have been disconnected. Another type of socket and switch to look out for are the very old round pin sockets and dolly switches, these are a rare occurrence now but if found will indicate a rewire and new consumer box is due. One final clue that can be found when is looking at the type of wiring at light fittings or at fuse boxes. More modern wiring will have a grey or white PVC coating of insulation around it.

What if my house has not been rewired?

Ultimately the safety regulations are in place to keep the occupants of property safe. In the event of a house having out-dated and older electrical wiring and consumer unit it raises the risk of potential harm, electrocution and also poses as a fire hazard. Lifestyles have changed dramatically in the last 30 years; from only having a handful of electrical devices in the 1980’s-90’s to modern living where the demand places on electrical circuits is huge. This change in demand is the reason why older installed consumer units and wiring are now deemed as potentially unsafe and why rewiring is considered necessary. If your house has not been rewired and does not have the modern PVC coated wiring with twin earthed cabling then it is to be assumed a full rewire is needed and for you to budget accordingly.

Help when buying a new property to find out if rewiring is needed

Here at Acorn Electrical & Mechanical (AEM) we can provide you with a full Electricians survey before you commit to buying a property. This will allow you to have a full picture of what the electrics within the property you are interested in buying look like before you exchange contracts. This can be particularly helpful if properties that have more then two consumer boxes or a mixture of different switches and sockets suggesting the possibility of a partial rewire having already taken place. It is important to remember that not only can rewiring be costly but it can also cause cosmetic disruption to the property with regards to channelling cables and damages to plaster, so not only is it costly to have the rewire but also there will be expanses incurred with regards to cosmetically fixing the property too once the rewire is completed. Should you be interested in purchasing a property and require a Electricians Survey before completion then we will be more then happy to provide you with a no obligation quote for a survey to be carried out.

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What to know when using Acorn Electrical and Mechanical to rewire your property

The first thing to be aware of before any rewiring works takes place within your property is that it is extremely messy and disruptive work. It is carried out in two phases known as the first and second fix. During the first fix is when all the new cabelling is laid and installed behind walls, under floorboards and across ceilings. During this stage it is essential for all flooring to come up including carpets so floorboards can be lifted where necessary. This also means all furniture needs to be out of the rooms. It is highly likely that plasterboard needs to be chased as wiring runs behind walls, which can be very messy and disruptive. The first fix will also be when the positioning of socket heights and lighting sockets including all switches will be determined so it is vital that all the correct planning has been done before the first fix takes place so you have agreed on where you want all your sockets and switches located. Any changes to these plans midway through the second fix may well be time consuming and in turn be costly. We suggest you make a plan of each room marking up the positions of furniture so as to consider where you want new power sockets and switches to be located. Also think about if you want any two or three way switches on landings or in hallways and any points for external lighting and if you want your smoke detector to be mains supplied.

Before any work commences you will have ample opportunity to consult with our electricians as to the exact location of sockets and switches to ensure they are all correct before work begins. Make sure when planning to think about the future too and if during the rewire you require ethernet cables to be placed in all rooms too. The second fix is where the new caballing is connected to the sockets and switches and then made live. Before this phase there will be no electrics to the property so it will be almost impossible to reside in the property while the rewiring is taking place. It is advisable that the house be empty while rewiring takes place however if this is not possible it may be possible for homeowners to live within one room while the work takes place but advisable to ensure you cover all your furniture with dust covers, safely store any expensive items and place all electrical items in the one room. Remember it is not the responsibility of the electrician to ensure items within the house are stored and protected correctly.

How much does rewiring cost and how long does it take?

Obviously it is hard to give an accurate price without first surveying the property but on average the cost of rewiring a 3-bedroom property is about £3,500-£4,000. This varies upon the size of the property, number of circuits and consumer units and where in the UK the property is located. The price can also rise depending on if the property is occupied during rewiring or not. The rewiring of a 3-bedroom property should take approximately one week to complete.

The coat of rewiring a kitchen extension would be approximately £1,000 to £1,500 including first and second fix with standard sockets and switches. The rewiring of a kitchen extension should take between 2-3 days to complete.

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