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Commercial & Industrial Emergency Rewiring Service Covering Plymouth, Devon & Cornwall

When having to rewire a commercial property its not as simple as you may think. That being said if you need your business building premises rewired you should not ignore it and put it of especially if your commercial building requires a high demand in power to continue trading on a daily basis.

Some people assume that to get this work completed its going to time consuming and very costly. Well you may be pleasantly surprised to find out that it can be a lot more cost effective than you actually realise. You are complying with the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 by ensuring the on going safety for all your workers and employees and at the same time increasing the productivity along with the efficiency of your building place of business.

Commercial rewiring
Industrial rewiring

Survey & quotation

When proceeding with a rewire for your commercial property the first consideration is to call us so to make an appointment with one of our surveys to pop round so they can asses all the work required allowing us to estimate the scope of work that is required. Our surveyor is a qualified professional who will talk to you, discuss your requirements so we know exactly what you want and you know exactly what you are getting things and an insight in the cost involved so there are no surprises in hidden fees.

If you are in any doubt about anything during the survey or have an idea you wish to submit that has not been spoken about its prudent to speak up and tell us so we can manage your project in the best way possible.

The rewiring procedure

Usually when a building project is underway on a commercial building the most suitable time to perform a rewire is before the building is plastered, which is during the first fix procedures. Usually the same time as when all central heating plumbing work is being carried out as floorboards are up and chases can be channelled down walls as new cabling can not be directly mounted on the surface wall on show. It must be hidden and buried in the wall or under the floorboards.

New back boxes for switches cabling for lighting circuits can also be installed prior to the plastering and depending on the commercial property cabling for emergency lighting, smoke detectors and alarms can also be routed. To hide cabling in walls and under floors offers a more professional look to the commercial building.

What’s the cost to rewire my commercial building? The below factors can all affect the cost:

Size of the property

The smaller the building the less pendants, sockets, switches and fittings will be required. This is obviously the reverse the bigger the building is. The same applies relating to the number of circuits required or if one or more consumer units are necessary. Put into perspective if we have a large commercial building used for an office call centre it will require thousands of power outlets. So it’s safe to say the larger the building the more it will cost you.

Location of the property

Depending on weather you are locally situated in town or out of town in the sticks at a hard to get to place will effect the cost as transport nowadays for labour and materials is ever increasing.

Surface finishes you require for switches & sockets

White plastic fittings for switches, sockets and lighting pendants are commonly used in most buildings weather commercial or domestic as to be fair it’s the cheapest. But, you may prefer a more stylish look for your business depending on the cliental you get through the door so they are a number of different styles and finishes from brush aluminium to polished chrome or brass but unfortunately they will inflate the cost. You can also get sockets incorporating USB charging outlets for an abundance of appliances such as mobile phones but again the cost is more expensive.

Repair works necessary

If you have not got your own repair team ready to follow the rewiring work then it can cost you more if the electricians do it. When rewiring a building it will involve cutting holes in walls and ceilings or removing plasterboard panelling, chasing out plaster in solid block walls and needing to get access behind closed panels. All this will need repairing. Most electricians will repair and rebuild where necessary at additional cost by either having their own team in place or by contracting the work out. Either way they will be additional costs to consider.


If you ask our advice we will always recommend using CFL and LED lighting on all commercial buildings. Choosing the design of bulb to use on your building will affect the cost as LED and CFL are much more expensive than conventional or halogen bulbs but the life span in hours are considerably more making them the better choice over a long term period. They also use a considerable amount of less energy than conventional or halogen bulbs making a second saving on energy bills.

Emergency exit lighting
Emergency lighting

Here at Acorn Electrical & Mechanical (AEM) we can help you survey and design a tailor made system to suit your every need. Call us now on 01752 201077 where a member of our staff will be more than happy to advise you.

We have a team of commercial electricians who can perform industrial electrical rewiring across Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall. We offer our services to factories, shops, office blocks and commercial landlords carrying out periodic inspections and testing. If your suffering from problems such as you fuse board keeps blowing fuses on a regular basis or your consumer unit constantly tripping it can be an sign telling you your current electrical installation is coming to the end of its serviceable life and out of date.

All our electricians are NICEIC and NAPIT qualified, producing a high quality standard of work while maintaining high levels of health & safety and environmentally friendly.

A rewire will enhance the safety of A commercial property

A building where there is a number of employees working inside it needs to be safe in everyway, that includes electrically. If you’re building where you conduct your business from is of an older design it is vital that the electrical circuits are inspected periodically to safeguard the safety of not only your employees but also client or customers who may visit your premises.

There are a number of possible hazards that could happen but in short if your building is 25 to 30 years old or more and in that time no maintenance wiring has been carried out it would be our recommendation that you have an internal wiring inspection sooner rather than later.

Nothing lasts forever and unfortunately everything eventually degrades. Fatigued wiring can potentially cause trip hazards or worse a fire leading to injury or worse loss of life. If this was to happen imagine the after math impact it would have on your business. By performing a total rewire of your commercial building you will be ensuring the premises is electrically safe at all times. At the same time it allows you to think about the internal design of your building and weather you think it would be the ideal time to enhance the functional working programme to maximise performance by redesigning the internal layout.

You can perform simple checks yourself if your not sure. If your cables are lead coated or fabric coated they will be pre 1960’s as that was when they were phased out. If they are black rubber coating they will be aged during the 1960’s. Either way all these design of cabling are out of date and a tell tail sign that the internal wiring needs replacing. Also check your switches, sockets and fuse box. If switches are round and made from cast iron, you fuse box has a wood back, braided flex cable hanging from the ceilings, black or brown sockets mounted in the skirting, black or brown light switches or pin sockets, all these are tell tail signs of an out of date system.

It may not always be the case you need a full rewire. This is why its important to have it professionally inspected to assess your exact needs. If you just require a partial rewire we can perform this task keeping the disruption to your business to a minimum so you can carry on with your everyday work.

Here at Acorn Electrical & Mechanical offer a vast scope of electrical services for landlords in the commercial sector and homeowners in the domestic sector. From a fault arising, to issuing an electrical certificate for you’re home or for landlords we can help you. If you need a full rewire or just a partial rewire or even need a faulty circuit looking at as it keeps tripping, please feel free to call us now on 01752 201077 as we can help. Just one call and we can get a fully qualified technician round to you as soon as possible to take care of your needs.

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If you are interested in booking a survey for any of our services or just a safety check, please contact Acorn Electrical & Mechanical (AEM) and a member of our team will be happy to help or advise you. CALL now on 01752 201077 or 07528 889733

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