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Commercial & Industrial Intruder Alarm Installation Service Covering Plymouth, Devon & Cornwall

Its prudent thinking to protect your business premises using an intruder alarm specifically designed for business premises as they are significantly different in what they can deliver compared to intruder alarms designed for your domestic home.

When we talk about security for a business the first thing that we must consider is crime prevention and risk management somewhat more than any loss prevention. Over the years insurance companies cover less and less for crime damage and loss for a business making it almost impossible to claim back all losses your business suffers through crime. To give you an example, lets say your laptop or main computer was stolen. Your insurance will cover the primary cost for that laptop or computer (The purchase cost of the laptop or computer) and they will cover any damage caused when the computer was stolen, like forced entry to a door so the door and lock are damaged, this is known as secondary costs. However, they do not consider the repercussion costs whatsoever. Repercussion costs in this example is the cost for all the information and data you had on the hard drive of your laptop or computer. Insurance Companies will not cover repercussion costs so its prudent to think about this in your risk management involving the installation of an intruder alarm.

Insurance company requirements for business security

It is common nowadays for insurance companies to insist that your company premise has an intruder alarm system installed. We can advise you of the most suitable insurance approved system there is on the market at a cost to suit your budget. Weather the premise is a top high street bank to a small corner shop our team of design technicians know and understand what insurance companies demand involving all BS/EN values and standards being fully versed with risk assessments and reports.

If you need us too we can liaise with your insurance company acting on your behalf to ensure all their requirements are meet prior to installation of your intruder alarm. We can also draught up a Risk Assessment for potential burglary to comply with PD6662 standards to include the insurance companies specifications of systems the insurance company approves for installation. We want to help and it is our goal to reliably in what we deliver.

We only use quality reliable proven burglar alarm systems designed and tailor made especially to suit your every need and circumstance while staying within a limited budget. It is installed by our very own in house team of qualified tradesmen technicians who are all NSI accredited and approved.


We are sure you have at some point in time spoken with someone who has been a victim of burglary. Having your home burgled is devastating. Not only do you suffer the damage and loss of personal items it can also be an emotional and stressful experience. Recent polls do show that by having the installation of a burglar alarm it acts as an exceptional deterrent against intruders from entering your home. Because of this reason you will find that insurance companies will either insist one is fitted in your home to considerably reduce your premiums if you have an approved intruder alarm system fitted.

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Why Choose Acorn Electrical & Mechanical

We are based in Plymouth so we cover the complete South West. We have a team of skilled tradesmen technicians who are passionate about their work and have been doing it for over 15 years. All our technicians we use are certified by SSAIB who are the leading certification body for security.


Intruders, thieves and burglars are smart. They are certainly not daft otherwise they would get caught. They can easily tell if an external bell box is real, live and connected to a working system or is a fake dummy box in an attempt to deter them. Once they identify a live working system they will leave it alone and move on to easier pickings with no alarm or a dummy box.

There are a variety of different choices on the market from high tech to just the basic standard.

Here are just a few:

We not only take care of intruder alarm systems but we can also provide your business premises with an integrated security system where required.

This can provide:

Our team offers:

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